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Do You Want to Know the Secret to Getting Booked on Podcasts, TV and Radio Shows?



Featuring Tim Burt & Bruce Serbin 
Hosted by Rich Guzzi

In this exclusive Live Zoom Marketing Seminar , you'll discover how to adjust your marketing & get more visibility for you and your business – without spending a fortune. 

Sunday, March 7th, 2021
1:00 pm - 3:00ish pm EST
Regularly  $500
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Meet The Team

Tim Burt (America's #1 Marketing Strategist), and Bruce Serbin (the PR Czar) will show you how business owners just like you - all over the world - use this same system.

Tim Burt

"America's Number One Marketing Strategist"

With more than 30,000 commercials to his name - which have generated over $500 million in sales around the world - Tim Burt is highly sought-after marketing pro.  

Tim has helped Fortune 500 companies (Toyota, Burger King, etc.), multi-national corporations (South African Airways, Graybar, etc.), and thousands of small business and entrepreneurs around the world with their marketing and messaging. 

After spending 25 years in radio (16 years at CBS Radio), Tim has written and produced ads for the St. Louis Blues, restaurants, English classes in India, a shopping mall in Mozambique, agricultural equipment, multi-million-dollar homes, ice cream, and private jet parts.  Virtually anything you can think of, Tim has probably created an ad for it.

After walking away from CBS in 2017, Tim continues to operate his parent marketing company Tim Burt Media.

he is an international best-selling author and award winner of three books (High Performing Ads, Inside A Buyer's Mind, and A Kick in the Ads).

Tim has been featured in high-profile publications (Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Radio Ink) and on CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN Radio and Fox Sports Radio.

Bruce Serbin

The PR Czar

For more than 15 years, seven-time national award-winning publish and author Bruce Serbin has been a media powerhouse, booking his clients on local and national television and radio shows, in daily local and national newspapers and magazines, and in online news outlets.

Bruce is the recipient of seven national awards ands work has been recognized by the Public Relations Society of America, Gold Coast Public Relations Council, League of American Communications Professionals and the Associated Press.

Bruce is the author of 30 Reasons The Media is Ignoring You: Deathbed Confessions of An Award Winning Publicist.  The book has been described as the Bible for generating media attention for non-celebrities.

In addition to his role as a media publicist, Bruce is also a media trainer, and PR consultant working with companies to improve their media and PR programs.  he has delivered programs to large corporations as well as entrepreneurial audiences and keynoted for the National Speaker's Association Million-Dollar Roundtable, a group of the world's top speakers including Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Steve Siebold, Larry Winglet and Vernice 'FlyGirl' Armour.  He has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business News Daily and Yahoo, as well as in industry publications.

Rich Guzzi

Rich Guzzi has been an international touring headliner for more than three decades as a comedian,  hypnotist and motivational speaker.  With more than 10,000 shows to his credit and well over 1000 additional TV and radio appearances he is widely considered one of the most experienced stage performers ever.  The inspirational tone to his appearances coupled with an extensive comedy background makes him extremely versatile and sought after by corporations and fans alike.

With an already solid Hollywood background in acting directing and professional screenwriting.  Rich then coupled his professional skills to stand-up comedy, martial arts, NLP, sales and hypnosis.  Creating the ultimate training experience for his clients looking to become more effective leaders, executives and social media influencers and have their business thrive.

Originally born in Brooklyn, NY, he now lives in a. log cabin outside Nashville, Tennessee with 2 dogs, 3 cats, ducks, a random donkey and his neighbors all think he is in the witness protection program.  

What people are saying about The PA System

"Tim is SO GOOD. Quick. Proficient. Well worth every penny."
April Bills

Owner, Bliss Digital Innovations, an East Texas Radio Marketing Consultancy Company

Here’s the great thing about Tim – he focuses on getting you rapid results by getting you laser-focused, cutting through the clutter, and inspiring you to produce outcomes!”

James Malinchak

Featured on ABC's hit TV show "Secret Millionaire"

"Tim helped take Strait Realty from  8 million in revenue in 2014 to 57 million in 2018."

Christina Strait

Owner, Strait Realty, St. Louis

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